Fresh Minds Radio Program

About the Program

Fresh Minds Radio Program was launched in 2020 on MIJ FM. The goal of the program is to facilitate good mental health among young people. Its objectives are to increase awareness about common mental disorders, reduce misconceptions surrounding mental disorders and increase help seeking behaviours. Our target audience are young people and the secondary beneficiaries are parents, teachers, community leaders and religious leaders.


In most developing countries, radio has over the years been heavily used as a medium for disseminating information. In Malawi, 46% of households own a radio with individual radio listenership at 71.1% (National Statistical Office, 2019). Radio is an effective method for reaching out to a wider audience as it has a wider coverage in comparison to TV, print and other media forms. To add, with 37% of households in Malawi owning a mobile telephone, some people are able to access the radio using this means. As most people in rural and urban households are able to access information using radio, this has proved to be an inclusive method for disseminating mental health information.


iMind airs interactive programs on radio to unpack mental health topics (e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Suicide and Drug & Substance Abuse). We invite mental health experts and people with lived experience of mental health conditions to share information that help listeners to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  We are reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions and ensuring that people have access to mental health services when they need it. Further, we are creating safe spaces within communities through our iXpress Clubs where people support one another whenever they are facing mental health challenges.




Our iXpress Clubs provide peer support services. During the airing of our Fresh Minds Radio Program, they act as listening clubs to help in the monitoring and evaluation process of the program. Through these clubs, we are introducing members to the usage of art (e.g. music, poetry, crafting and painting) as a form of self-expression.

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